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The Reformer mat by JoMO is the perfect companion for your Pilates Reformers. It is hygienic and super grippy with great support and cushioning.

You will never have to lie in someone's sweat again. Good for you, good for the planet.


Top layer: 100% polyurethane leather

Bottom: 100% rubber Moisture-wicking Antimicrobial 5mm


Care Instructions:

Always roll mat with top of mat side facing out. Rolling in opposite direction can damage mat surface. Wipe top of mat with a microfiber cloth after use. If using solution, apply it to the cloth first; do not apply it directly on the mat. We recommend using a 1:20 solution of oil-free soap or vinegar & warm water.

Mat is not machine washable. To protect the top of the mat, try to avoid having lotions or rings on hands or feet before practice. Avoid cubbies or storage areas with sharp edges that can leave a lasting mark.


הכירו את המזרן הרפורמר החדש של JoMO איכותי ולא מחליק גם שהלחות גבוהה והידיים מזיעות 💦אמין, נוח, עמיד ונצמד טוב.

חלק עליון – 100% PU Leather באיכות גבוהה ביותר.

חלק תחתון – 100% גומי טבעי🌱דוחה לחות!

עובי: 5 מ"מ


₪200.00 Regular Price
₪120.00Sale Price
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